As the oldest independently owned, full line investment firm based in Wisconsin today, H.C. Denison provides uniquely personalized service to its clients, regardless of the size and value of their portfolio. Direct access to its clients� account information allows for consistent review, thorough cost basis analysis, personalized distribution of income, and a multi-generational approach to asset preservation. The firm helps each client define their needs and goals, then picks investments to match their objectives. Through constant monitoring of tax law and market changes, H.C. Denison keeps its clients informed so they can update their portfolio as needed to preserve their assets.

In an era when many other investment firms have merged, been consumed by larger firms, or reinvented their identities, H.C. Denison Co. is proud to be serving fifth generation accounts under the same respected name as it celebrates its 80th anniversary in business. Chairman Konrad Testwuide describes the key operating philosophy valued by the firm: �H.C. Denison can better serve its customers by remaining independent and providing an environment where the client can still talk personally with the owner.� Innovation has been a constant in H.C. Denison Co.�s history. For example, in 1986, nearly 14 years prior to �Y2K,� James Testwuide made a visionary leadership decision: to establish a clear route to Y2K compatibility. That investment was well worth its return in terms of efficiency and client satisfaction. The company has moved forward with proprietary customized software which provides quick access to information for efficient, effective asset management. Yet, despite its commitment to technology, personal contact is still valued by the company: a friendly human voice answers the phone every day at H.C. Denison Co.

James Testwuide sums up H.C. Denison�s commitment to its clients in these words: �We�ve learned from the past, and will mine the experience of our rich history to help our clients prosper. We will eagerly approach the challenges of the future, while remaining cognizant that our clients� opportunities for success lie in the present. We hope you will join us and become a part of our history.�

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As we celebrate our 80th anniversary in business in an environment of uncertain financial conditions, one thing is certain: H.C. Denison Co. will continue to provide sound investment advice for the conservative needs of our valued clients.