Our History

In the nineteen-twenties, only a handful of people in Sheboygan County held securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange, yet only two years after the company was founded in 1928, H.C. Denison weathered the stock market crash of 1929 and moved from its first location in the Bowler Building to larger offices on New York Avenue to accommodate its growing business. H. C. Denison’s continued success required relocation to the Security Bank Building in 1933, where the company maintained multiple suites until 1990.

Homer served as president of H.C. Denison with Harold Huibregtse as Vice-President until 1973, when Konrad C. Testwuide (who joined the firm in 1964 after seven years in the business) assumed the position of President and became the controlling stockholder. Dorothy Metscher, who was renowned for her 70-year career as a stockbroker, joined H. C. Denison in 1972, retiring as a shareholder in 2003.

hc denison grand opening

H.C. Denison’s growth continued, and in April of 1987, the firm purchased Gottsacker Investment Co, followed by acquisition of First Securities Co. of Manitowoc in 1988, shortly after Homer’s death. James A. Testwuide joined the firm in 1984 and became President in 1996. In 1992 Robert J. Kuehl joined the firm and was named Vice-President in 2003 which he continues to serve as today. Joy Heinen joined the firm in 2003 and became a financial advisor in 2007. Marlo J. Testwuide joined the firm in 2007 and became a financial advisor in 2014.

In March 1990, H.C. Denison relocated to its current headquarters at 618 North 7th Street where we continue to grow today as the oldest independently owned investment firm based in Wisconsin.  Homer’s honesty, integrity and intellect had established the strong foundation from which H.C. Denison continues to serve its clients into the 21st Century.

hc denison history
hc denison history