President’s Message

In 1928 Homer Denison had a vision of providing investors in Sheboygan and surrounding communities with a conservative alternative to the stock market hoopla of the times. Although Homer didn’t predict the Great Crash of 1929, or the economic depression that followed, he did realize that the stock market had become a mere game, with great indifference to the cornerstone of his time-honored investment philosophy: the return of your money is equally as important as the return on your money.

Nearly 90 years later, we continue to shape Homer’s idea into reality by offering our clients the most suitable investment plan for their specific circumstances; attempting to explain in detail the potential risks of the proposed investment strategies; illustrating fully the fees associated with various investment products; coupling our recommendations with input from our clients’ tax advisors and lawyers when necessary, and an on-going analysis of the continually changing economic and political environment of our time.

Investment outcomes are not always definitive, but, as the third owner of H.C. Denison I can say with certainty that we strive to serve clients fairly, honestly and respectfully, with an open mind toward improving our services and an optimistic attitude for the future. James A. Testwuide

James A. Testwuide